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Asthma is one of the most common chronic medical conditions in children. Many children with asthma miss out on school, sports and other activities. However, it is the goal of asthma management that these children can do anything that a child without asthma can. It is important for family members to learn how to identify and avoid asthma and allergen triggers; recognize and prevent asthma attacks, understand medications, and help manage asthma at home to assure the optimal health for your child and prevent ER visits and hospitalizations.

Click on the following handouts for more information on Asthma:

What is Asthma?
Stop Smoking!

Your Asthma Program

At Jeffers, Mann and Artman Pediatrics we have an Asthma Program specially designed to follow nationally recognized guidelines to help children with asthma be well controlled.

If your child has been identified as asthmatic, we recommend the following:

  1. Comprehensive asthma evaluations every 6 months (in addition to their yearly preventative visits). This includes updating asthma action plans to be followed at home and school, evaluating effectiveness of medications, reevaluating and assessing goals.
  2. Computerized Lung Studies every 6 months for children 6 years and older.
  3. Yearly flu vaccines.
  4. Evaluation of asthma triggers such as allergies, infections (viruses, tonsillitis, sinus infections) and exercise
  5. Asthma education regarding appropriate medications and equipment

Prior to each biannual visit, please fill out the Action Control Test (ACT) for your child. To fill out or print a copy of the ACT, please log on to the CHADIS website and click on "Asthma Visit".  (For a Spanish copy, choose appropriate tab at top right of page.)

Please visit the following links for further asthma education:

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