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New Phone System

Improving access to our practice…..
Effective Thursday, Oct 7th

New Direct Phone Lines/Access to Appointment Scheduling, Prescription Refills, Nurse Triage and our Billing Department.  Calling the numbers below will get you right where you need to be faster!!

Appointments: (919) 999-1910

Prescription Refills: (919) 999-1909

Phone Nurse Triage Advice

    Raleigh: (919) 999-1901

    Clayton: (919) 999-1902

    Cary: (919) 999-1903

    Wake Forest: (919) 999-1904

    Holly Springs: (919) 999-1905

    West Cary: (919) 999-1906

Billing Questions: (919) 999-1912

Or if you prefer call the main phone line for your favorite location and you can connect directly to the department you need by pressing:

    #1  If you are a Physician Office, Pharmacy or Hospital

    #2  Appointment Scheduling

    #3  Nurse Advise Line

    #4  Prescription Refill Line

    #5  Billing Department

    #6  All Other Calls

We look forward to hearing from you!!!