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Pre-visit Screening

In an effort to give your child the best quality care possible we have implemented a Pre-Visit Screening Tool. We are encouraging all patients—new and existing—to fill out these developmental/medical forms prior to their child’s appointment.

Here’s why it’s important to complete the "Pre-visit Screening Tools":

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends using Pre-Visit screening tools such as "Chadis"
  • It assists in early detection and treatment of developmental and behavioral concerns
  • "Chadis" is a secure on-line tool for medical and developmental screening tests

As a partner in your child’s healthcare, your input is essential in helping us provide the best care possible.

  • We ask that you complete all required forms at least four days (but not more than 30 days) prior to your child's visit so that all information can be reviewed by your provider before your visit.
  • Takes 5 – 20 minutes depending on the age of your child.
  • If you need assistance please contact our office at 919-786-5001 and we will be happy to help you.


New Patients

  • Click on New User down the left-hand column
  • Enter Invitation code: 9197865001
  • Complete Respondent Registration
  • Review our Vaccine Policy

Established Patients

  • Click on Returning User
  • Login (if you have any problems please contact our office)
  • Complete questionnaires for your child’s upcoming visit.

For those using a Mac Computer:

Please utilize one of the following internet browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox