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Jeffers, Mann & Artman Pediatrics is now able to schedule virtual visits with your provider. We have begun seeing specific appointments via video through our new Telemedicine platform Doxy.me.

The following can be scheduled as a Telemedicine Visit:

  • Urgent Sick Visits
  • ADHD Visits
  • Behavioral Health Visits
  • Consult Type Visits
  • Lactation Consult Visits

Not all visits can be completed via telemedicine; the provider will direct your care accordingly. Your provider may direct you to come for a drive-thru or in-office appointment if a hands-on visit is needed (i.e. lab tests, a more complete physical exam).

Please note the following:

  • Your child must be present for a Telemedicine Visit.
  • You must complete a Telemedicine Visit Consent Form and your copay will be applied.
  • Telemedicine Visits are scheduled visits, so please call any of our locations and our staff will be happy to assist you.

We at JMA Pediatrics are committed to continuing to provide your family with caring, personal and evidence-based medical care during these challenging times.  We believe that by bringing our Medical Home into your home, our virtual appointment option helps us to do just that.

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