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We focus on wellness, covering all aspects of your child's health. We look at the whole child - physical, developmental, and emotional. Whether it's caring for your sick child, offering breastfeeding advice or helping you manage your child's asthma, we are committed to providing the best care for your child. We understand your questions and concerns and will take time to listen. Here is a glance at some of our basic services, online services and little extras that we provide for our patients.

Expectant Parent Classes
An informal group meeting with our providers held on a weekly basis. It gives expectant parents an opportunity to ask questions, learn how we function as a practice, and view our facility as well.

  • Lactation Consultations
    Many of our nursing staff have attended basic courses in lactation counseling and can answer most routine questions. In addition, we offer consultation services with a board-certified lactation consultant.
  • Chronic Conditions
    Our providers at Jeffers, Mann & Artman are well oriented in all aspects of pediatric illness. Their collaborative care approach enables high-quality management of each child's particular health care needs.
  • Treatment on Minor Lacerations and Injuries
    Our office can usually treat minor lacerations and, if sutures are indicated, we can remove them as well. 
  • Developmental Screenings
    To meet each child's individual needs and various stages of development, our practice's approach offers various assessment tools and resources to enhance your child's full potential. 
  • Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Treatment
    Once a child has been identified by a psychologist, our practice will review the findings and prescribe medications as indicated. We will see your child for a complete physical yearly and six months after for a brief follow-up evaluation.
  • Hearing/Vision Screenings
    Routine screenings on both hearing and vision are performed in our office by our nursing staff, beginning when the child is three years of age. 
  • Asthma and Allergy Treatment
    All of our providers are well versed in the childhood treatment of allergies and asthma. If your child is receiving maintenance allergy therapy, we may be able to coordinate with your allergist to administer these shots in our office.
  • Tooth Varnishing
    This specialty service is provided upon request for children six months through age three.
  • Ear Piercing
    Available upon request and performed by a qualified clinical staff member. 
  • Complimentary Phone Advice
    During our regular hours of operations, we offer complimentary advice from our experienced pediatric nurses. After-hours, calls will be handled by Wake Med Triage Services. Due to an increase in charges to the practice, we must charge ten dollars for calls handled through this service. However, as a courtesy, we will waive after-hours charges for all patients under two months of age. 
  • Laboratory Services
    Our offices are certified as a moderate complexity laboratories. We offer many tests in-house and have a full-time laboratory technician on staff. Examples of some of our testing capabilities include: rapid strep testing/strep cultures; complete blood counts; usually obtained via finger stick; urinalysis/culture and much more. In the event a test is needed that we cannot perform in-house, a specimen can be obtained here and sent out for testing.
  • Electronic Medical Records System
    At Jeffers, Mann & Artman, we can access your child's medical record electronically and advise you based on his/her particular medical history. If the provider you usually see is at one of the other locations, we can correspond with him/her efficiently by using this computer system.
  • Patient Web Portal