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Kristin Johansen, MD

Kristin Johansen, MDKristin Johansen, MD

MY NAME: Kristin Johansen

GOES BY: Dr. Johansen

College Education: East Carolina University, Psychology

Graduate School: The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina



  1. I am a native of North Carolina and grew up in Wilmington. I love caring for patients in our beautiful state. I completed residency training at a large children's hospital in Kansas City which gave me fantastic training but I definitely missed North Carolina and I am so happy to be home again!
  2. I absolutely love Thai food. Every place I visit, I make sure to try at least one of their Thai restaurants. Some day I will learn to cook it myself!
  3. I love traveling, camping and hiking in my spare time and will soon be adding a labradoodle to my family who will be coming along for the fun!


Being a pediatrician is a true blessing. I love being able to provide advice and support to my patients and parents in times of worry as well as excitement. I love that each patient is always different from the last - one visit I am caring for a teenager and the next could be a newborn. The kids always find a way to make me laugh and I always leave the clinic with something to reflect on and smile about. I love watching children grow through the years and I also love seeing parents become more confident as their child and family grows.