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Meet Us: Our Team

Thanks for taking the time to meet our team.  From the nurse who greets you to the doctor who checks your heart rate, our entire staff is devoted to providing a caring and compassionate environment. 

Our practice is made up of board-certified pediatricians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and lactation consultants.  We are specially trained in pediatric medicine, dedicated to continued education so that we can provide the most advanced medical care available. 

Meet Our Pediatricians

Robert G. Jeffers, MD, PediatricianRobert G. Jeffers, MD, Pediatrician
Robert G. Jeffers, MD - RETIRED

Larry D. Mann, MD, PediatricianLarry D. Mann, MD, Pediatrician
Larry D. Mann, MD

Michael S. Artman, MD, Pediatrician Michael S. Artman, MD, Pediatrician
Michael S. Artman, MD

Vicki M. Herriott, MD, PediatricianVicki M. Herriott, MD, Pediatrician
Vicki M. Herriott, MD

Bridget M. Degele, MD, PediatricianBridget M. Degele, MD, Pediatrician
Bridget M. Degele, MD

Rachana S. Fofaria, MDRachana S. Fofaria, MD
Rachana S. Fofaria, MD

Juli J. Clark, MD, PediatricianJuli J. Clark, MD, Pediatrician
Juliana J. Clark, MD

T. Christine Lehrich, MD, PediatricianT. Christine Lehrich, MD, Pediatrician
T. Christine Lehrich, MD

Susanna Lai, MD, PediatricianSusanna Lai, MD, Pediatrician
Susanna Lai, MD

Thomas Sutton, M.D.Thomas Sutton, M.D.
Thomas Sutton, MD

Maria Alexander, MDMaria Alexander, MD
Maria P. Alexander, MD

Suzanne Covington, MDSuzanne Covington, MD
Suzanne S. Covington, MD

Hazel Garrish, M.D.Hazel Garrish, M.D.
Hazel G. Garrish, MD

Andrew B. Kleinberg, MDAndrew B. Kleinberg, MD
Andrew B. Kleinberg, MD

Melanie M. Kreiner, MDMelanie M. Kreiner, MD
Melanie M. Kreiner, MD

Amanda Zarick, MDAmanda Zarick, MD
Amanda Zarick, MD

Alison L. Vurnakes, MDAlison L. Vurnakes, MD
Alison L. Vurnakes, MD

Mary Devon McWilliams, DOMary Devon McWilliams, DO
Mary Devon McWilliams, DO

Ashley K. Edmonston, MDAshley K. Edmonston, MD
Ashley K. Edmonston, MD

Alyssa A. Schuett, MDAlyssa A. Schuett, MD
Alyssa A. Schuett, MD

Melinda L. Beavers, MDMelinda L. Beavers, MD
Melinda L. Beavers, MD

Esther A. Nissao, MDEsther A. Nissao, MD
Esther A. Nissao, MD

Mindy H. Dailey, MDMindy H. Dailey, MD
Mindy H. Dailey, MD

Ali N. Chhotani, MDAli N. Chhotani, MD
Ali N. Chhotani, MD

Denise N. Young, MDDenise N. Young, MD
Denise N. Young, MD

Chrissie Akwari, MDChrissie Akwari, MD
Chrissie Akwari, MD

Kristin Johansen, MDKristin Johansen, MD
Kristin Johansen, MD

Dawn E. Scott, MDDawn E. Scott, MD
Dawn E. Scott, MD

Kirabo Herbert, M.D.Kirabo Herbert, M.D.
Kirabo Herbert, MD

Meet Our Physician Assistants & Nurse Practitioners

Melissa L. Dolan, CPNPMelissa L. Dolan, CPNP
Melissa L. Dolan, CPNP

Chris Barry, PA-CChris Barry, PA-C
Christopher M. Barry, PA-C

Kelly J. Werner, CPNPKelly J. Werner, CPNP
Kelly J. Werner, CPNP

Melanie Dawson, PA-CMelanie Dawson, PA-C
Melanie Dawson, PA-C

Kathleen Clasen, CPNPKathleen Clasen, CPNP
Kathleen Clasen, CPNP

Jamie Harding, PA-CJamie Harding, PA-C
Jamie Harding, PA-C

Susan M. Kane, NPSusan M. Kane, NP
Susan M. Kane, CPNP

Laura J. Oates, CPNPLaura J. Oates, CPNP
Laura J. Oates, CPNP

Lauren M. Quibodeaux, CPNPLauren M. Quibodeaux, CPNP
Lauren M. Quibodeaux, CPNP

Ashley Tyler, CPNPAshley Tyler, CPNP
Ashley Tyler, CPNP

Meet Our Lactation Consultants

Rebekkah Simon, RN, IBCLC
Rebekkah Simon, RN, IBCLC

Sharon Bliss, LPN, IBCLC
Sharon Bliss, LPN, IBCLC